Monday, May 7, 2012

How to Buy, Prepare, Store and Grow Strawberries

When to Find the Freshest Strawberries Click Here For Other Recipes
Fresh, local strawberries are usually available in late spring and early summer--so as early as February in states like Florida, or as late as may in chillier parts of the continent.
How to Choose Strawberries at the Store
Look for firm berries with bright red color. If you can smell the berries, that's a sign that they're exceptionally fresh.
How to Prepare Strawberries
Wash the berries and gently dry them with paper towels. Not dish towels; you don't want to learn the hard way how strawberries can stain.
How to Store Strawberries

Refrigerate loosely covered and eat them up within 48 hours.
How to Grow Strawberries
Easy to care for and simple to harvest, strawberries are a very popular DIY fruit. They prefer well-drained soil in full sun. There are thousands of varieties of strawberries, each tailored to different climates, so ask the friendly folks at your local garden store for advice on what variety to plant.