Monday, October 24, 2011

juice, red guava juice healthy recipe For Health And Holidays

Guava also contains potassium, which works to increase the regularity of heart rate, muscle contractions activate and regulate the delivery of nutrients to the cell body. Guava is also able to lower total cholesterol and high blood pressure. If you get bored eating the fruit shape, you can consume in the form of juice, the way it is quite easy, see the recipe here.

2 pieces of red guava, discard skin, cut into pieces Condensed milk white sweet (to taste) 1 / 4 bottle of water ice Ice cubes to taste
How to make:
Enter guava and half a bottle of water ice into a blender and blend until smooth Strain with a coarse sieve. Add sweetened condensed milk to taste and residual water ice into a blender and whiz briefly Serve by adding ice cubes