Monday, October 24, 2011

Juicing for Lycopene 4 The best juice recipes for you recipe

first Juicing is a great way to get lycopene into your diet. Juicing helps release the lycopene from the fruits and vegetables to make it more available for digesting and assimilating into the cells. This is especially true for tomatoes, which have been shown to release more of their lycopene content when juiced or cooked rather than eating the whole raw fruit. Here are 5 juicer recipes that will provide you with lycopene.

Juicing Recipes #1 – Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice
5 large tomatoes
(add more if using smaller tomatoes)

Remove stems, wash thoroughly and juice!

Juicing Recipes #2 – Watermelon

1/4 of medium sized watermelon

Use only the flesh and not the rind for juicing. The rind will add a sour taste if juiced. The lycopene is found in the flesh of the watermelon and responsible for its reddish color. Melon doesn’t digest so great with other foods, so it is a good idea to drink it alone.

Juicing Recipes #3 – Pink Grapefruit Juice

2 pink grapefruit

Peel the grapefruits and juice! Be sure to use pink and not yellow grapefruits.

Juicing Recipes #4 – Guava and Apricot

2 pink guava
3 Apricots

Use only the guava flesh and not the skins. Take the stone out of the apricot. Juice and enjoy!

Juicing Recipes #5 – Lycopene Vegetable Juice

4 large carrots
1 red bell pepper

Goooooooo juice